10 Types of Motivation

MotivationWhy do people do what they are doing today? Why do you keep on living your life even though it is already too hard for you? People might have answered these questions differently but it will arrive at one thought, which is “because of motivation.” Motivation embodies the reasons for someone’s actions, needs and desires. It can also be defined as what causes a person wanting to repeat a behavior or vice versa or it can be one’s direction to behavior.

Motivation has different types. Below are the ten types of motivation:

• Incentive—this type of motivation involves rewards. If you know that a reward awaits you, achieving your goals will be more fun and exciting. You would also feel to do a better job at what you are doing.

• Fear—through the fear of consequences, people are motivated. This is an effective motivation since if you have the fear of disappointing other people, you will keep yourself on the track in order for you to not fail and get detached to your goal.

• Social—this type of motivation is said to be extremely effective! This is best when you have so many social media platforms. Having the desire of catching the attention of someone special, you would tend to use the affirmations from others in order to motivate you further. This is evident to those successful speakers who have motivation skills and are able to encourage other people to make the positive changes of their own. In relation to this, you, as a person will also be motivated socially seeing other people attained success in their lives.

• Achievement—people are often motivated with their achievement. This enables them to improve or enhance their skills in order to prove their competency to themselves and to other people. This is also the fruit of their hardwork and effort towards achieving their goals.

• Push—this is where people are pushing themselves hard towards the goals that they have or in achieving something including rest and relaxation, health and fitness, desire to escape and social interaction.

• Pull—this refers to the attractiveness of a particular destination, as it is perceived to the propensity to travel.

• Growth—you know the fact that no one wants to feel stuck or stagnant in a particular situation. Having the desire to change and grow is considered to be a great motivator. This type of motivation can be related to your desire to achieve fitness. Because you want to change the lifestyle that you have right now, you want to feel better about yourself and discover a new identity. That is why you are motivated to do fitness exercise regularly. Same goes with other things.

• Power—once you are motivated with power, it only implies that you have the desire to control your own life. In this type of motivation, you are longing to determine the outcome. Therefore, you are more driven to create whatever outcome you wanted. You can do it starting with setting your smaller and attainable goals then going further for bigger goals.

• Extrinsic—this refers to the performance of the activity to attain the desired outcome or result. It comes from the outside of an individual.

• Intrinsic—this type of motivation is the self-desire in seeking for new things and for new challenges, observing, gaining knowledge and analyzing one’s capacity.

Each type of motivation have the ability to affect one’s behavior in its own unique way. There are ways to keep being on the right track and be motivated in everything they do—the hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis refers to the state of human consciousness, which involves the focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness and enhanced capacity for response unto suggestion. During this process, the person is set to have such heightened focus as well as concentration.

Self-Hypnosis also known as the hypnotherapy, is considered a useful way in reducing stress as well as opening you mind to new ideas or thought processes. This is best when dealing with the problem behavior such as addictions. It is the best and essential way of reprogramming the way you think. Self-hypnosis has several resources including tapes, CDs, Mp3s and other recordings.

Everyone is entitled of their own reasons regarding why they are doing such things. It is either they are doing it for themselves or for the other people around them. Motivation makes the person even more dedicated and hardworking in achieving whatever his/her goals in life are. In fact, when you have something or someone that motivates you, you never lose hope. You never give up to something unless you know that you really cannot do something about it. If you are motivated, giving up is hard to do. You would still do your best to accomplish something and that’s the power that positive motivation gives you.

Latest Movie News 2015

Movies have contributed greatly to the success of most popular personalities in the world such as actors, directors and producers nowadays. It had created a great and remarkable impact in the industry. Along with the advancement and modernization of today’s generation, people changed the way they perceive and see movies nowadays as compared to the previous years. Everything was made better and fabulous to the point that people almost believe that it is really happening in reality. Most of the movies that are produced and released in the market have marked a great success! This is the reason why movie-producing companies continue creating number of movies of different genre in order to cater the needs and interest of millions of viewers all over the world. Last year’s movies were amazing!

Movie News was out to explode the latest movies that marked in the movie industry.

Here are the New movie news:

• “Ant-Man Crosses $500 million at the Worldwide Box office” Everyone was amazed when Marvel’s Ant-man became the latest film for the studio that was able to cross the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office.

• “Matthew McConaughey turned down the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Villain Role” The Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey had turned down his chance to play as the villain for the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.”

• “Transformers 5 writer on Building a Shared Universe and Human characters” Akiva Goldsman, the transformers writer, broke her silence and spoke about the challenges of building the shared universe while needing to keep humanity involved in the scene.

• “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just added its first member” Pom Klementief will be playing the first new characters cast in the movie “Guardians of the galaxy Vol.3. “ The question is, if she would be the new roster member of the team.

• According to the news, there will be no more “Star Wars 7” Trailers. The force awakens director Mr. J.J. Abrams who announced and confirmed that viewers do not have to wait for the trailer. Instead, they will just be having TV commercials.

• “Thor 3” will be a Hulk and the Thor ‘Buddy Pic’. Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk actor is describing the Thor 3: Ragnarok as the Thor and Hulk buddy film. However, people are still wondering if the description would sound good, especially to the solid Marvel fans.

• “Rihanna canst in the Valerian comic book adaptation of the film of Luc Besson” The news was out when Luc Besson announced the sci-fi film “Valerian” that is based on the famous book includes Rihanna as one of the casts.

• The “Power Rangers” rumored title, character names and budget were revealed. The upcoming movie “power rangers” in the year 2017, is reportedly be titled as the “Saban’s Power Rangers.”

• The “Box Office Prediction: The Martian vs. Our brand is Crisis” According to the latest news, the box office predictions for the weekends of October 30 until November 1, is that the Martian will be facing off against the Our Brand is Crisis.

• “Wonder Woman: Chris Pine says the movie will shoot on film” It was confirmed by Chris Pine that he would be the costar in the Wonder Woman movie. He also added that director Patty Jenkins will be shooting on film.

• “Man of Steel writer, David S. Goyer, defends Superman Killing Zod” Mr. David S. Goyer, the Man of Steel screenwriter is defending the controversial moment of the film wherein Superman, played by Henry Cavell kills General Zod, played by Michael Shannon.

• “Did the failure of Pan costed Joe Wright a Julius Caesar directing Gig?” The failure of the Pan might cost the director, Joe Wright an chance to helm the film emperor.

• The “Inside out emoticons react to the Star Wars 7 Trailer” Many had reacted to the suspension of the Star Wars & Trailer including the characters of “Pixar’s Inside Out”.

• “The Pitch perfect 3: Elizabeth Banks returning as director” For the Pitch Perfect 3, Elizabeth Banks is set to be director along with the series cast members such as Anna Kendrick who will return for the film too.

• “Paddington 2: Paul King Back as writer and director” With the return of Paul King, he will be directing and writing the sequel to the 2014 film Paddington, which continue the adventures of the “Peruvian bear with the taste for marmalade.

• “Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Thriller Luna Park recruits Pan Screenwriter” Tom Cruise and Doug Liman look for Jason Fuchs, who wrote Pan as well as upcoming Wonder Woman for their latest collaboration with Luna Park.

Lots of Movie news and rumors were released in the year 2015. By knowing the latest movie news, it will definitely encourage you to watch movie and enjoy whatever type of movie you would want to watch. Watching movies is indeed one of the most indulging pastime and activity you could ever have.